1:1 coaching

Private coaching for Highly Sensitive / Empath women looking to maximize the benefits and minimize the challenges of their gift so they can gain confidence, fulfill their purpose, and find their inner Sensitive Badass.

My work is centered on supporting sensitive women with understanding their gift and re-connecting with their truth through deep inner work.

  • I am here to show you that you don’t have to just survive anymore. You can truly thrive as a sensitive woman in this world.

  • I am here to reflect back to you innate inner strength and resiliency in a world that has called you “weak” and “too sensitive.”

  • I am here to equip you with a magical tool belt to support you in navigating life while feeling ALL THE FEELS. To set you up to handle overwhelm and anxiety with grace and ease.

  • I am here to remind you of who you were before the world told you who you were “supposed” to be.


I am here to walk you back home to yourself.

current offerings: 

My Signature 6 Month Coaching Mentorship - powerful transformation with individual and group support

My Signature 6 Month Coaching Mentorship - powerful transformation with individual and group support

Book a one off 60 minute session or enroll in the 4 Month Coaching Program.

Book a one off 60 minute session or enroll in the 4 Month Coaching Program.

COMING 2019!

COMING 2019!

Prefer to self study? Check out my digital courses and online classes.

Prefer to self study? Check out my digital courses and online classes.

Amber genuinely cares about her clients. I’ve never worked with anyone who cared so much about my well-being. She has the biggest heart of anyone I know. She always knows the right thing to say and has gotten me through extremely rough times. Amber helped me understand that my feelings were completely valid, which was a huge step for me. Through working with her, I am able to notice when I’m having negative thoughts and am able to catch them before they control me. I am now taking time for self-care instead of getting stressed and burnt out.
— Molly W.

The women I work with come to me seeking help with things like….

  • Having a hard time trusting and standing up for their own decisions and opinions

  • Not feeling OK with feeling SO MUCH all the time

  • Exhaustion, overwhelm, and anxiety

  • Letting go of perfectionism

  • Wanting to use their sensitivity for GOOD, but not being able to figure out how

  • Navigating the world with their extra layer of sensing

  • Feeling responsible for everyone else’s feelings and putting their own needs last

  • Feeling chronically misunderstood, not good enough, and a deep sense of being flawed somehow

  • Doubting their own feelings and experiences of the world

If you are nodding your head, yes, know that you are not alone!

Far from it. 20% of the entire population has the Highly Sensitive gift. Yet, we often feel like we are alien to this world. It is like the volume on life is turned up all the way. We feel our feelings and everyone else’s too! Many of us are given messages throughout our lives that we are “too much,” and therefore feel like there is something wrong with us. As our feelings are invalidated by those around us we begin to invalidate them ourselves. This disconnects us from our true selves. It can be enough to make a girl crawl under the covers and never come out!

But life doesn't have to feel this way for you. It IS possible to thrive, not just survive, in this world as a sensitive soul. It IS possible to have unshakeable confidence, unwavering trust in your own resilience, and to feel grounded and safe.

It's not that you can't do it, it's just that no one's taught you how yet. No one has introduced you to your inner badass.

You're not exempt from life just because you’re sensitive! You don't have to hold yourself back from the things you truly want to do because you don't feel capable. You don't have to give up on full happiness because you've been told you're different. You don't have to hide the fullness of who you are because you're afraid no one will get you. We tell ourselves these stories that we can't handle the world. But we can! It's just that we need different tools to help us along the way.



You don’t need to “toughen up.” This world has enough tough guys. It's time to learn to love the thin skin you’re in!


Listen, I know that you have a deep desire to heal and help. But you have to heal yourself before you can heal the world. I believe so strongly that despite what we’ve been told our whole lives, being sensitive does NOT make you weak! It makes you completely badass! It truly is a superpower. But like all superpowers, you have to learn how to work WITH it and not AGAINST it, so that it supports you not destroys you. You have a divine gift. I believe that as sensitives we are tuned into the dark and painful parts of the world so that we know what needs healing. But to activate our healing powers, we must first come back home to ourselves.

Coaching with Amber was a life-changer! Amber is highly intuitive and her feedback was divine. She truly listens to both what you say and what you don’t say. She is so supportive that you feel completely understood. She knew just what I needed to hear and what I needed to do. When I came to her I was stuck on the hamster wheel of self-doubt. I felt stagnant, worried, and alone. Working with Amber, I was able to make peace with long ignored parts of my past. I was able to find the power in my story and move beyond it. I was able to believe that things could be better and that I, in fact, was enough. I now have wonderful new tools to utilize, a stronger connection to my internal guide, and faith in the knowledge that I can handle whatever comes my way. It was an amazing experience and I couldn’t recommend Amber more!
— Stephanie Kirylych

About me as a coach:

My job is not to tell you what to do. My job is to help you clear the cobwebs in your path so you can reconnect to the part of yourself that KNOWS the truth. I can't fix your world for you. But I can equip you with a magical toolbox of coping strategies and skills. I can hold your hand as you learn how to navigate life in a way that works for you. I can hold space for your growth. I can help you build the resilience to ride the waves of this crazy ocean of life, to sail through the swells of your feelings with grace. I can help you to truly internalize your worth and remind you of the power of your voice. I can remind you that no one gets to talk you out of what you know to be true.

With a mix of the woo and the practical, I intuitively guide you to re-connect to your truth, and hold loving divine space for your healing and becoming more of the woman you want to be. I help you to find your voice, build your confidence, and connect to your innate power. We work together to create a really strong foundation for you so that you can feel comfortable, safe, and centered. So that you can begin to rise, rooted.

It’s like we are tending to a garden. Together, we pull the all the weeds (limiting beliefs, old stories, negative self talk) that are covering the truth of who you are and keeping you feeling stuck, and replace them by intentionally planting beautiful new flowers (connection to your inner compass, unshakeable confidence, and deep trust in yourself). If your “garden” is a mess, it’s hard to go out in the world and not feel like YOU are a mess. These weeds were not planted by you, but have polluted your space. These weeds make you feel helpless and small and unsafe. In identifying and clearing them, we make room for you to rise as your true powerful sensitive badass self!

I am your witness, secret keeper, healer, gardner and personal cheerleader! 

You’ve had the power all along, my dear. You just had to find it for yourself.
— Glinda, The Good Witch

I am a graduate of Seattle Life Coach Training, Gabrielle Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 & 2, and Sarah Liddle's Coach School. I've trained with dozens of amazing mentors and coaches and completed years of my own therapy and treatment. This shit works. I’ve walked the journey myself, and now am here to be by your side as you embark on yours.


It’s time to show up for yourself so you can fully show up for the world. There’s a place for you here. Let me guide you there.

I had spent so much time, effort and money to better myself yet still felt I hadn’t changed at all. Sessions with Amber were deep, and I cried, but also had so much fun. I always left uplifted and inspired. I love Amber! She actually listens to you, really genuinely intuitively listen; her insight is dead on and always what I needed to hear. She’s the type of friend you’d want in the dressing room with you- straight up telling you the dress isn’t flattering, but then helps you find the dress that makes you feel as beautiful as you truly are.
— Courtney Caruso

When you do this work, you will begin to experience the most wonderful shifts. Things like…

  • Mastering ways to alchemize your pain, so you no longer need to numb out with the wine or cookies.

  • Having such a solid connection to your inner voice that you no longer question your decisions, actions, or feelings.

  • Discovering how to go from just surviving to truly thriving and living an authentic life.

  • Clearing the blocks that keep you from embracing your worthiness.

  • Identifying solid self care routine that builds resilience and supports your sensitivity

  • Amplifying your intuition and connecting to your incredible power.

  • Truly being able to enjoy the gifts of your Highly Sensitive superpower.

  • Discovering how to totally protect your energy

  • Sleeping solidly through the night because you're no longer obsessing over that comment your coworker made.

  • Embracing yourself with more compassion when you feel the highs and lows as a deep feeling person

  • Gaining a magical toolbox to reach into anytime overload, exhaustion, and anxiety hit.

  • Learning how to walk into a room with unshakeable confidence, freely expressing yourself without worrying what others are thinking.


To quote my spirit animal, Gwen Stefani: “Watcha waiting, watcha waiting, watcha waiting foooooooooor?”


You don’t have to walk this journey alone, or try to figure it out all yourself. We are all looking for a shortcut to feeling better. But let me let you in on a little secret: this work IS THE SHORTCUT. There is no getting out without going through. And it doesn’t have to be scary either! It’s work, but it’s work that will set you up for a truly aligned, happy, and successful life. Coaching IS a fast track to feeling whole and free. It’s an investment that truly lasts a lifetime.

When I first came to Amber, my mind was in the muck, things just weren’t working. I had never considered working with a coach before and didn’t know what to expect, but she really helped me clarify and define healing in areas I didn’t even know I needed. She has a true, genuine compassion and gently helped me lay out a formula for success. My inner shifts have been phenomenal- I feel like I finally know what I want in life and have released so much anxiety. I was in such a dark place and she truly helped me climb out of it. If you’re thinking of working with her, do it. Do it. Do it. Don’t hesitate to do it.
— Heidi Ward


My Signature 6 Month Coaching Mentorship - powerful transformation with individual and group support

My Signature 6 Month Coaching Mentorship - powerful transformation with individual and group support

Book a one off 60 minute session or enroll in the 4 Month Coaching Program.

Book a one off 60 minute session or enroll in the 4 Month Coaching Program.



Prefer to self study? Check out my digital courses and online classes.

Prefer to self study? Check out my digital courses and online classes.