sensitive badass® 6 month coaching mentorship

love the thin skin you’re in, amplify your sensitive gifts, and thrive as a modern empath!


about the program:

This is a 6 Month Mentorship Program for women who are highly sensitive and/or empaths that are ready to embrace their sensitive superpowers, build deep authentic roots, and begin to heal themselves so they can heal the world. 

This is about learning what it TRULY means to be sensitive, and how to maximize the benefits and minimize the challenges of our unique gift. This is a re-introduction to the real you; who you were before the world told you who you were "supposed" to be. This is about learning how to hear your voice over the voices of your inner critic, everyone else's needs and feelings, and the constant noise of the world around you. 

When I was younger, I always felt like I was a square peg trying to fit into a circular hole. I was hammering and hammering myself to fit in. And in all that hammering, I lost my true form. It was like a soul death. Many of us sensitive women experience this death of the soul. But what if instead of trying so hard to squeeze yourself into that circular world, you could build a world that fits YOU? What if you could finally really accept your true self so that you no longer have to feel so misunderstood and alone? What if you had solid strategies and coping mechanisms for ALL THE FEELS, and the anxiety and overwhelm that leaves you withdrawing from the world? 

It is time to come back home to yourself. To discover your innate strength and resilience and to find your inner compass. It is is time to call bullshit on the limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck and miserable, to follow your true north, and to claim your purpose in this world. 

This program is reserved for 10 incredible sensitive women who are open to profound radical change. Who are ready to shed the self doubt, anxiety, and fear and step into their natural power as Sensitive Badasses. Who want to come together in a sacred sisterhood of deep healing, discovery, and witnessing of their rising from the ashes. 



Growing up as a little empath and highly sensitive kid, I struggled with how to navigate the world and handle my extra layer of sensing. I felt like I didn't belong here, constantly misunderstood. I was a born people pleaser, putting everyone else's needs before mine. "No" felt like a bad word to me. I struggled with making decisions and trusting myself. I was constantly criticized and ostracized for my deep feeling nature. The world outside me seemed to always invalidate how I felt. I was called "too sensitive," "too dramatic," and plain "too much." I doubted myself, my feelings, and tossed and turned at night replaying scenarios in my head. "Did I say too much?" "Did I do the right thing?" I didn't know how to be ok with feeling as much as I did. I felt flawed, and like something was deeply wrong with me. Life hurt so much, and I felt responsible for everyone's feelings. I was mentally exhausted from all the anxiety, almost always on edge, and so overwhelmed I just wanted to shut down. I wanted so badly to use my sensitivity for good somehow, but I felt so weighed down by the weight of the world and my own self doubt. 

Sound familiar?


When you're sensitive it can feel like the world demands too much out of you. You're walking around with an extra layer of sensing that can make everything feel heavier and harder. It's like the volume on life is turned all the way up, all the time. Many of us are given messages throughout our lives that we are "too much," and therefore feel like there is something wrong with us. As our feelings are invalidated by those around us we being to invalidate them ourselves. We disconnect from who we truly are as we try to just survive, deeply wanting to feel a sense of belonging. 


But life doesn't have to feel this way for you. It IS possible to thrive, not just survive, in this world as a sensitive soul. It IS possible to have unshakeable confidence, unwavering trust in your own resilience, and to feel grounded and safe. 

You may be thinking there’s no way this is possible for you... but it's not that you can't do it, it's just that no one's taught you how yet. No one has introduced you to your inner badass.

You don't have to choose between being yourself and belonging. You don't have to choose between speaking your truth and not being ostracized. You don't have to choose between chaos and isolation. You don't have to choose between being alone or being in an toxic relationship. 

There is another way. You are not exempt from life just because your sensitive! You don't have to hold yourself back from the things you truly want to do because you don't feel capable. You don't have to give up on full happiness because you've been told you're different. You don't have to hide the fullness of who you are because you're afraid no one will get you. We tell ourselves these stories that we can't handle the world. But we can! It's just that we need different tools to help us along the way. 


Highly Sensitive and Empath women

A 6 Month Coaching Immersion with me, Amber Rochelle, as your intuitive guide.

• 3 monthly one on one 60 minute coaching sessions.
• One 90 minute monthly group call that includes teaching, coaching, support and community with the other women in the program.
• Magical bonuses like: email coaching access with me for the duration of the program, monthly Sensitive Academy™ classes, access to the Sensitive Badass® Digital Course (Gain Your Fierceness Without Losing Your Softness), and MORE!

• Understanding how to work WITH your sensitivity and not against it so you can decrease the struggles and amplify it’s gifts
• Healing your relationship to yourself and your worth
• Cultivating a deep trust in your intuition and reclaiming your inner guidance system
• Clearing limiting beliefs and blocks holding you back from where you want to go, the life you want to live, and the woman you want to be
• Setting up your lifestyle in a way that WORKS for a modern empath, rather than trying to shrink yourself to what no longer fits you so you can decrease overwhelm and exhaustion
• Building fierce confidence and finding your inner badass
• Connecting to your greater purpose and weaving your sensitive powers into that. Discovering how NEEDED by this world and potent your sensitive magic is when you learn how to harness it as such.
• Setting strong boundaries, releasing toxicity that no longer serves you, and caring for yourself- minus the guilt!
• Living with intention- taking back the reins of life into your own hands so that you can cultivate your dreams
• Working with, honoring, and protecting your energy so you can release and move through all the feels that AREN’T YOURS!

All within a magical, safe container held powerfully by me as your guide, and 10 other sensitive women to walk beside you on the journey back home to yourself, your truth, your purpose, your magic, and your happiness. And all specifically through the lens of being a MODERN SENSITIVE WOMAN.



what others are saying:

Amber, thank you so much for your wisdom and your amazing teaching ability, for your kind spirit, for your genuine heart! I am so blessed that I found you and that you are more than anything I hoped for. I can’t believe how many breakthroughs I’ve had in the past few months while doing the coaching program with you. I lived completely unaware to why I couldn’t function and thrive and how to get our of whatever was draining me daily. I have grown more in the few months than I have in my entire life time. I am just so glad that I went for it and committed to doing the coaching program with you and that it is is actually so much more than I hoped for! It is literally worth everything! I am reborn. I will never be the same! I can’t tell you how priceless this is for me.
— Inna Walters
I can’t even begin to describe the amount of appreciation I have for Amber and the work we did together. It took a while for me to grasp, but I finally accepted that my feelings were 100% valid. Another huge shift for me is being able to say no. I used to be a HUGE people pleaser and would do anything not to rock the boat, which ultimately left me feeling angry and exhausted. Amber gave me the tools to say no without beating myself up. Amber gave me the courage to stand up for myself and advocate for my health. I’m not sure how I would have gotten through some of my lowest lows without her. I would recommend every person I know to work with Amber. She is so genuine and has the kindest heart of anyone I know. She is my biggest inspiration to work hard, be kind, and stay true to myself. Working with her was the best decision I’ve ever made.
— Molly White
Being sensitive previously was always something that “had to be dealt with” as if it was a bad thing or something that needed to be changed. Now I feel it’s a good thing and it’s the way I am. With Amber, I couldn’t have imagined a better mentor. She has great input without judgement or needing to push. She gets what it is like to be sensitive. I’ve learned to accept myself, set boundaries and understand that I’ll be ok. I’m so glad I did this! Amber is really needed and working with her was the best thing I could have done for myself. She helped me through some of the most difficult periods in my life. She and the program were what I needed. Working with Amber changed my life! So thankful I found her!
— Gwen Lowe

why now?  

What better time to start than now? Do you really want to go into another year feeling the same way you’ve been feeling? Carrying the weight of world on your shoulders? Think about all the things this is holding you back from. Think about the anxiety, exhaustion, and overwhelm you feel. You may have gotten so used to it that you don't even realize how much it's affecting you.. but imagine if you had that off your plate? Imagine if you had solid coping skills to fall back on when things did come up? Imagine the time it would free up for you. The emotional capacity to be there for others. How would it feel to have YOUR own needs met without feeling guilty about it? If you think about all the things this would change for you and all the room it would open up in your life, why NOT now? Life is short. You can always put things off but this is YOUR life. Your relationship to yourself and your sensitivity affects absolutely everything around you. 

Don't let another year go by without being the woman you want to be, feeling the way you want to feel, and doing what you want to do!!! 

This world needs you and your healing abilities. But you have to heal yourself first if you want to help heal the world. This program creates a safe space for us to rise together as a sensitive tribe. You don't have to walk this journey alone, or try to figure it all out yourself. Coaching will put you on the fast track to happiness and wholeness, and you will be held in a safe, loving, container as we embark on this quest together. 

There is only 10 spots in this program and then the doors are closing on this incredible experience. Enrollment ends December 31st, 2018. Your time is now. You are deserving. You are worth it. You are needed.

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths
— Elisabeth Kugler-Ross


I have walked this journey myself. I understand every ounce of anxiety, self doubt, and overwhelm. I understand being just so OVER IT, but not knowing where to go or what to do next. I have been there.


At a very young age I knew that I was different. I knew that there was something about me that made people uncomfortable. I knew that I told the truth and people did not like that. I knew that I saw and heard things other people didn’t and people didn’t like that. The messages I got from the world made me feel "too much," and doubt my own perception of the world. I thought I had a deep flaw- that something was very wrong with me. I thought I couldn't trust my own feelings. I began to stuff them down, to disconnect from myself. My natural people pleasing tendencies took a major dose of steroids and I did everything possible to do and be everything for the people I loved. I became a chameleon, morphing into whatever I thought I was "supposed" to be like. I developed crippling perfectionism and felt that I had to work harder to be loved, that I had to prove myself to belong. I thought if I could just look good enough, and say the right things, and do the right things that people would love me. That people wouldn’t see that deep dark secret in me that was my deep feeling sensitive self. So I played by the rules, always. But after I graduated college, there were no more rules to follow. When that structure fell away, I unconsciously created a new sense of "safety" for myself by developing an eating disorder that grew into a decade long battle with anorexia and bulimia. This served several purposes for me- it gave me a sense of control, of worth, of achievement... and it distracted and numbed me from the ocean of buried feelings that was constantly bubbling up inside of me. 

I finally hit rock bottom when I got physically ill and realized I was hurting the ones I love. To recover, I had to learn how to love myself from the ground up. I had to re-introduce myself to my truth. To learn how to stand up for and take care of myself. To understand what it meant to be a sensitive person. To understand how to work WITH myself sensitivity and not against it. I had to do deep healing work, so that now I can offer my healing medicine to you.


My job is not to tell you what to do. My job is to help you clear the cobwebs in your path so you can reconnect to the part of yourself that KNOWS the truth. I can’t fix your world for you. But I can equip you with a magical toolbox of coping strategies and skills. I can hold your hand and help you navigate life in a way that works FOR you as a sensitive empath. i can hold space for your growth. I can help you build the resilience to ride the waves of the ocean of life and to sail through the swells of your feelings with grace. I can help you to truly internalize your worth and remind you of the power of your voice.

I am your witness, secret keeper, healer and personal cheerleader! I am here to walk you back home to yourself.


what will we work on in the program?

In this program we will be looking at self love, self care, self talk, limiting beliefs, setting boundaries, healing your frazzled nervous system, and more. We will be doing deep inner work. This inner work is the foundation of everything. It’s about developing a way of life that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and safe so that you can share the real you with the world. It’s about changing your relationship with yourself, which will open you up to fulfill your ultimate destiny. We will be building your inner soul stamina so that you become infinitely stronger at standing in your truth. That’s when you become truly unstoppable. 


Like me,  many of us sensitive women get stuck in a cycle of wanting to belong, to help, and to heal. But that sense of belonging never truly sets in because you're not being yourself. You are being a chameleon like I was and trying to be what everyone else wants from you. Which means you never get what you are constantly seeking and that is a torturous way to go through life. 

For so long, I was missing out on a sense of satisfaction and wholeness that comes from knowing how to connect with the voice of your truth and your inner guide. I was always looking outside of myself for the answers, not looking within. I let everyone talk me out of my own truth, which in turn kept me from connecting with what I really wanted and needed, and what was really best for me. I spent so much time chasing acceptance, but my happiness and purpose was left in the dust. I felt like I had to control everything to stay safe. But control is an illusion, and at some point I had to be willing to let go of the reins to find out the safety comes from the inside out, not the other way around. 

It's time to let go of the reins... 

I was deeply traumatized as a child, and this is not foreign to us sensitives. We often find ourselves chasing safety and feeling the need to "protect" ourselves. But this is not just about imagining yourself in a protective pink bubble, this is about finding your fire and courage from the inside out so you don't HAVE to feel like a victim anymore. You don't have to lose yourself in everyone's emotions, needs, and the noise of life. You don't have to go from person to person and substance to substance to numb out the pain. A big part of this work is finding the badass spirit you already have deep within. 

Self healing changes everything in your life. When you work to heal your emotional wounds you are less susceptible to the energies of others. You can start to feel healthy and safe from the inside out. It’s not easy but after you do the work- it’s like there’s nothing that can touch you. The work changes everything.


You  don’t have to be in “total crisis” to benefit from this work. You might be really successful but use workaholism to numb your sensitivity. Or codepency as a way to feel safe and belonged. As sensitive women we are REALLY capable. The problem is not your lack of capableness.  The problem is what's going on below the surface. It's the exhaustion, anxiety, and lack of alignment with your true self. You may be "successful" on the surface, but how are you on the inside? Do you truly believe in your own fire and resiliency?

sensitives are the sages of society. the visionaries, priestesses, healers. this world needs us to keep evolving.

But for that to happen we must come to realize that our wounds are NOT our weakness. We can transform them into our power and regain our safety and stability from the inside out. From the darkest nights come the the greatest light. We must learn to alchemize our pain so we can claim our inner Sensitive Badass!

How can you hold things safe and steady with others if you don’t hold things safe and steady within yourself? How can you swim deep into a soul when you can’t grasp or ignite your own? This is why we do the work to become. Because, love. Because none of us are truly happy with shallow existences. But without first knowing ourselves, we’ll get trapped in tiny ponds. When all we ever longed for was the ocean, all along.
— Victoria Erickson


  • Uncovering a voice for your unheard world, sharing the true you without fear.

  • Sleeping solidly through the night because you're no longer obsessing over that comment your coworker made.

  • Gaining a magical toolbox to reach into anytime overload, exhaustion, and anxiety hit.

  • Learning how to walk into a room with unshakeable confidence, freely expressing yourself without worrying what others are thinking.

  • Exploring how to give yourself the compassion you so freely give to others.

  • Mastering ways to alchemize your pain, so you no longer need to numb out with the wine or cookies.

  • Having such a solid connection to your inner voice that you no longer question your decisions, actions, or feelings.

  • Developing a level of trust in yourself that you never knew possible.

  • Truly being able to enjoy the gifts of your Highly Sensitive superpower.

  • Discovering how to go from just surviving to truly thriving and living an authentic life.

  • Releasing codepency so that you can have whole partnerships and a meaningful, satisfying career.

  • Clearing the blocks that kept you from embracing your worthiness.

  • Learning to make friends with your feelings and uncovering the divine lessons they hold for you.

  • Identifying solid self care routine that builds resilience and supports your sensitivity

  • Amplifying your intuition and connecting to your incredible power.

and even better…

Often times as sensitives, it is hard for us to give to ourselves. We can be very outward focused and extremely generous to all those around us. But we do not always treat ourselves with that same grace. It is important to recognize however that when we are trying to help everyone else heal, but aren’t doing our own healing work, we are coming from a place of depletion and overwhelm. In this state, not only are we hurting ourselves, but we are not really making the kind of profound change in people’s lives that we deeply desire to. It’s hard to be strong for others when we haven’t done the work to grow our own roots. When you can find the compassion and courage to give yourself the gift of healing and growth, then you can actually give to the world from a deep, centered, grounded place. When you are clear and strong and have your own needs met, that’s when you can make a profound difference- to your families, your friends, and the greater world. When you show up for yourself and honor this divine sensitive gift that you’ve been given, when you start connecting to your truth and using your voice- you inspire others to do the same. You are teaching others that sensitivity is not a flaw, that it is truly magical. And that self love, is not selfish, but necessary. When you heal yourself, you truly activate the healing powers within you that this world so desperately needs. 


A Sensitive Badass is a sensitive woman who OWNS her power. She understands her magical gift and knows how to work with it so it works FOR her. She is unapologetic about her deep feelings and getting her needs met. She knows she has a gift and she honors and respects that gift by caring for it diligently. She is empowered by her sensitivity and is using her superpower to make a positive mark in this world.





The investment for this program is $450 a month. 

Payment is taken through my online scheduling system, Acuity. You can choose to either set up one payment a month of $450 on whichever day of the month you choose, or 2 payments of $225 on the days of your choosing. 

what’s included:

When you enroll in the Sensitive Badass® 6 Month Coaching Mentorship program you receive the following: 

  • Three 60 minute one-on-one life coaching sessions with me per month. These calls are done on video chat and will be recorded for you to refer back to and have forever.

  • One 90 minute group video call per month. The purpose of this call is to expand your support network of people who get you, who you don’t have to explain yourself to, who you don’t have to apologize for your deep feelings too. The group calls are a way for us all to support one another through this healing journey- to celebrate our wins and to share our stories. The topics for the calls will be based off what we are all working on that week in our individual sessions. There will be spot coaching opportunities and time for Q&A on each monthly call.

  • A private Facebook group for the members of this program. You will receive extra support from me there and it is a place to connect and lift one another up as we rise together through this sacred experience.

ready to dive in?




  • Before our first session you will receive a Welcome packet and survey. These set the tone for our work together over the next 6 months. The survey gives me a really good idea of where you are at and where you want to go so we can dive right in on your first session and you can start seeing change fast. The welcome packet will give you more in depth information about what to expect and will guide you through questions and activities to help you get clarity on what you want to experience in our coaching time together. VALUE: $149

  • Full email support for 6 months. This means you can email me outside of sessions during our journey together. Why does this matter? You have full access to your cheerleader and mentor whenever you need me- anything that comes up for you between sessions, anything you forgot to ask me or that you’re struggling with- just reach out. VALUE: $100 a month ($600)
    *Email support is limited to one email exchange per day, Monday-Friday. I will get back to you within 48 hours, though I typically respond sooner.

  • Resource library! While you are enrolled in the Sensitive Badass 6 Month Mentorship you will have full access to an incredible portal of worksheets, meditations, videos, masterclasses, and more to enhance your learning experience and growth! VALUE: $499

  • Sensitive Badass® Digital Course. Upon enrolling, you will receive access to Sensitive Badass: the Digital Course - Gain your fierceness without losing your softness. This easily digestible 5 module course is an amazing kickstarter for our work together. It’s a total paradigm shift that will get you fired up for the transformational journey you’re about to embark on and offer you some super practical tools to get started on your path to reconnecting with your inner badass. VALUE: $125

  • Sensitive Academy™ Classes: a once a month series of 90 minute classes focusing on topics ranging from perfectionism to setting boundaries to navigating relationships as a sensitive. These courses will be bolster the work we will be doing in our time together, and you get all 6 for free when you enroll. Recordings will be provided and are yours for life. VALUE: $34 x 6 = $204

  • Sensitive Badass® T-Shirt or Mug. Check out the Sensitive Badass shop and pick your fave item so you can sport your Sensitive pride!!! VALUE $30



Before the program, my sensitivity was often an embarrassment. I felt flawed and weak. Amber showed me how being highly sensitive is truly a super power. I’m now able to see how much my sensitivity helps me and those around me. I feel less upset when I’m misunderstood, less confused when my experience is different; it’s just that I perceive the world in a significantly different way.
I felt close to Amber instantly. She understood what I was going through on a level I didn’t expect. She laughed and cried with me through difficult subjects and I felt safe and guided, like I’d finally found my people. I loved the group call topics we covered and it was so incredible to have the camaraderie of other sensitive women, to learn and grow together, to really know for the first time that I wasn’t the only one like this. After the Mentorship, I am so much more confident in my sensitivity. I am trusting my unique experiences for the first time in my life. I’m growing spiritually, feeling calmer, grounded and more connected.
— Lizzy Cross
Being an Empath and mom of two children, my physical health was depleting fast from being so vigilant and I started to seriously fear for my health and being there for my children. I didn’t know how to function. I was absolutely burdened by my sensitivity. I saw myself as very weak, vulnerable and disabled. But, Today I see what a GRAND gift it actually is. I now know how to operate in it in a healthy, fulfilling way. My favorite part of the program was Amber and her teaching. Her devotion and passion for my wellbeing and growth. I’ve never had someone see so deeply into my soul and know how to guide me out of the life long challenges and weaknesses. And being able to connect to other Empaths for support. The past 6 months have given me a solid core, an ability to embrace my identity and a strategy on how to live out of my freedom and strength. Amber has been a godsend and her mentorship was an answer to a life long cry of my heart. I can not even express how grateful I am. I feel like I have been given NEW LIFE and FREEDOM.
— Inna Walters

a note on investing:

Listen, I know what it’s like to desperately want to join a program and then see the price and have an “oh, shit” moment. I have SO been there. Yet I have also invested thousands up thousands of dollars in my own personal growth. Why? Because I know how much better it can make my life. I know that the benefits of work like this extend FAR beyond that initial investment. I would not be the happy, whole, purposeful woman I am today without the healing work I’ve done for myself. 

We all want a shortcut to feel better. But the truth is that this work IS the shortcut. There is no way out but through, and to get to where you want to be you have to face what is blocking your path. The freedom on the the other side is so beyond worth it. You have to look not just at the cost of investing in yourself, but the cost of NOT investing in yourself. What could you do with your energy and time if you were able to transform your limiting beliefs, be free from feeling flawed, misunderstood, and not good enough, no longer feel “too sensitive,” have to put up with exhaustion, overwhelm, perfectionism, and constantly criticizing yourself and agonizing over every comment of decision? What would it do for the rest of your life if you had the tools to navigate through these things? 

The financial investment for this lasts 6 months, the results last a LIFETIME. 

To be committed to your full wellness as an adult, it takes courage. And you need people by your side as a support system when you’re walking through transitions. People who’ve been there, who get it, who’ve walked the path before you and now will walk it alongside you. Who are not afraid to look at the shadows with you and show you how to bring them into the light so they can be healed and you can be free. 

How many times do you aimlessly scan Amazon and add things to your cart? A self help book, a new lipstick, some new yoga pants with moons or stars down the side, super whitening toothpaste…? We do this all the time, right? We are adding to our cart things to enhance our lives, to make us look and feel better. But what if instead you were adding to your cart freedom from anxiety, emotional wellness, unshakeable confidence, huge energy boosts, and deep self compassion? What if these things came with a life time warranty? 

I have never seen anyone do this work and not come out profoundly more healed and happy. You just have to say yes. Say yes to YOU, say yes to believing these things could be true for you, and then watch the magic unfold. This is an investment, true- by can you afford to keep waiting? This world needs you. You need you. Say yes to coming home to yourself.