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Learn all about your amazing magical sensitive gift and how to work with it, not against it! 

This is a potent 6 week digital course designed to awaken you to your sensitive superpowers and help strengthen your energetic edge. 

Complete with meditations, worksheets, and journal prompts, this course is a kickstarter in healing your relationship to your sensitive nature. It will get you started with re-training your brain to ease emotional overwhelm, supercharge your self-talk with positivity, and exercise your healing powers. 



Eager to learn more about your sensitive gifts?

I created the Sensitive Badass Academy™ for those of you seeking support, understanding, and actionable tips and tools to thrive as sensitive soul.

The $34 Masterclasses are taught online via video chat once a month. They consist of teaching, spot coaching, and plenty of time for Q&A. 

This is a stellar way to learn and grow community without breaking the bank. Not sure if you're ready for one on one coaching yet? Want to get to know me better? Looking for like minded people? This is for you! 

Topics will vary month to month. But here is a selection of what we'll be covering: 

  • Perfectionsim

  • Sensitivity & Relationships

  • Setting Strong Boundaries

  • Protecting Your Energy

  • Self Care for Sensitives

  • Building Confidence

  • Addiction & Coping Skills

New classes starting December 2019! 
Link to enroll coming soon!