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Ultimate Super Sensitive Holiday Gift Guide!

It’s that time of the year again! Wondering what to get for your highly sensitive friends or family members? I’ve got you covered with my annual list of a few of my favorite sensitive things! From stress relief, to energy lifting, to a better night’s sleep, each of these gifts cater to the sensitive women’s unique needs. And don’t forget to treat yourself, too! 

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Wish You Weren't So Sensitive?

n this vlog, I talk about how I too used to wish I wasn't sensitive. I saw it as a curse. I did everything I could to try to change myself, to "toughen up". It didn't work. In fact, I became even more sensitive. It wasn't until I began to accept my sensitivity and appreciate it for the gifts it gave me, that it began to work for me instead of against me. I have three truths to offer you to help you too, see your sensitivity as the superpower it is, and to start your journey to becoming a Sensitive Badass®!

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