Be The Weird Girl

When I was growing up, no one taught me about what it meant to be sensitive. All I knew is that I was different. That my emotions and depth made people uncomfortable. I knew that I hated being this way. I hated feeling like I didn’t belong. I hated feeling like I had to hide parts of myself to fit in. I was stuck in a place of feeling that I was cursed. That something was terribly wrong with me. Although I liked having such a big heart, at the same time I just didn’t know what to do with ALL THE FEELS. I was constantly overwhelmed, exhausted, ashamed, and afraid. I didn’t understand that what I had was truly a gift. 💔💔💔

It is hard to be someone who experiences life so differently. It’s hard not to believe the messages we are often given; that we are “weak,” “too much,” and just “too damn sensitive.” It’s tough to grow up in a world that wasn’t built to fit you. 😥

But I am here to tell you that you are NOT TOO MUCH. You are amazing. You have a divine magical gift. Sensitives make incredible healers, therapists, coaches, doctors, artists, leaders and visionaries. We are truly the sages of society. We have so much to give and the deepest capacity for empathy. This makes us amazing friends, partners, and coworkers. 💫🧝‍♀️🙌

You are different, yes. But that it a GOOD thing. You just have to start re-training your brain to look for the ways that your sensitivity DOES serve you and the world. You have to start seeing how much strength it takes to be sensitive on this planet. Accept your differences. Love on them. Because when you do, everything will start to change. Your problem isn’t that you are different, it’s that you are telling yourself that makes you less than! 💕💕💕

Be the weird girl. Stand up for the truth of who you are. Embrace your inner badass powers. Show the world what a self-loving, empowered sensitive woman can do. Your superpowers are waiting for you. 🧚‍♀️🧜‍♀️💛🦄🔮

Amber Rochelle