The Sensitive Girls Guide to Glow

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As a super sensitive girl, I know I have a great capacity for being the light. And when I’m feeling good, I shine bright like a freaking diamond!! But being a sensitive soul, life can be extra hard. Because we as sensitives feel SO much SO deeply ALL THE TIME, it can be difficult not to get overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, and bogged down by the energy and emotions of all those around us. It can be easy to get lost in it and feel powerless and hopeless. Your beautiful big glow can be reduced to tiny spark, in the shadow of all this heaviness and darkness. But don’t despair. You can free your glow by setting yourself up for success as a sensitive lady! Here are my top tips for going from a glimmer to a luminous bloom: 


A lot of highly sensitive women grow up feeling like there is something wrong with us. After years of feeling misunderstood for and being criticized for our sensitivity, we start to see it as a deep flaw. We try to fight it, to hide it, to numb it out. But the more we fight our true nature, the more it fights back. We become even more reactive and anxious. However, when you start to look for the ways your sensitivity is serving you- something shifts. As you fully own your sensitive nature and begin to honor it for the gift it truly is, it begins to work for you! Having a hard time identifying what could be good about being so sensitive? Here’s a list to get you started- being super sensitive means you: 


- Are extremely intuitive and empathetic

- Have the capacity to be highly creative

- Have the ability to feel other people’s feelings

- Can connect on a very deep level with others

- Are driven to make a positive difference in people’s lives

- Are soulful and passionate

- Have a rich inner life

- Are polite and conscientious

- Are visionary


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Your sensitivity truly is a superpower! Start treating it that way and you will start to see it’s magic. 


Energy management is an important tool / practice for any woman but it is crucial for us sensitive beings. It may look a bit different for each of us, but the foundation remains the same. So to start it is really important that we set aside time each day to be quiet and just BE with ourselves. Silence and alone time is like charging your batteries for sensitives. We thrive on it. And when we don’t get it we feel frazzled and overwhelmed and disconnected. Certainly not glowy ways to feel! Another reason for sitting with ourselves is that the more you can get calm and centered, the sooner you start to understand what YOUR energy feels like. The true you, when you’re not stressed, not stretched, not overwhelmed, not anxious. As you get a good feel for your natural energy state, you begin to quickly notice when you’re out of it. That way you can begin to pick up on when you need a breather or some self care, and even more importantly when you are absorbing other people’s crap that is not yours. This is super important to feeling empowered as a sensitive gal. 


This time with yourself is also a great opportunity to PRACTICE FEELING YOUR FEELINGS! As sensitives we have a tendency to learn to disconnect from our feelings. Because when you so easily absorb the pains of the world around you it can just feel like TOO MUCH sometimes. We also tend to associate deep feeling with being deeply flawed, and with criticism we may have experienced because of it growing up. The problem is that the more we run from our feelings and stuff stuff stuff it all down the more disconnected we become from our true selves, our true desires, and our authentic voice. You can get all clogged up with unfelt feelings and that will for sure dim your glow. So as scary as it can be in the beginning, start to play with letting your feelings come up. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be angry. It’s okay to be frustrated. Sit with the feelings. See if you can sit with them for just a few minutes. Because as you allow the feelings to come up they are then able to move through you and RELEASE. By giving your feelings space in your day you will start to unclog this tangled emotional backlog and bring more ease and flow into your life. The true you will begin to shine through. It gets easier with time- I promise. 


Building on the last two tips, RITUAL AND ROUTINE is very important to getting your glow on as a super sensitive. We respond really well when we know what to expect and have daily routines we can count on. Again, this will look different for everyone, but ask yourself what you need on a daily/weekly/monthly basis in order to feel taken care of. There is no one right routine, find what works for you and then give yourself permission to do the things that are going to help you get that glow back! Even if it’s only 5 minutes a day. This could look like meditation, journaling, reading, quiet time, exercise, taking a salt bath… For example, mine looks like this: saying a prayer and setting intentions in the morning (sets me up for success from the start), eating hi-vibe feel-good food throughout the day (keeps my energy up and helps me to feel strong), exercise in the evening (SOOOO good for moving energy through you and relieving stress), nightly meditation/journal sesh (this is my time to release feelings, process the day, and re-set my energy). Now once you figure out a routine that feels amazing to you- schedule it in!! Write it in your planner, put it in your calendar and make it a non-negotiable! 


Nature is a super healer for us sensitive souls. The more time you can spend with her, the better! Go for a hike, go to the beach (water in particular is a healing powerhouse), take your dog to a park…. and speaking of our furry friends, animals are also very calming and grounding for us. Spend time with your fur babies and get your booty outside and you’ll be feeling all glowy in no time! 


And by this I mean your divine tribe as well as your earthly tribe. As for the divine, be it angels, god, universe, spirit, faeries, whatever you connect to that is bigger than you- make that relationship number one. As sensitives we are tuned into the subtleties, and that goes for energy and spirit as much as human behavior and feelings. We have the ability not only to connect more deeply on the earthly plane, but with that which we cannot see as well. And we NEED this connection to continue to ignite our divine spark so we can shine our beautiful sensitive lights on the world. The more you cultivate your relationship with your divine friends, the stronger, safer, and happier you will feel. And as for down here? Seek out your fellow sensitives. As we come together as a tribe of sensitive friends, we begin to recognize the light in one another which in turn helps us see the light in our own selves. We are not flawed. We are not “too much”. We are not weak. We are not helpless. We have been given a unique gift that allows us to go SO deep and to hold space for others suffering. We just must remember and learn not to stay in the depths and the darkness, but to lift ourselves and each other out, so we can re-charge our lights, and shine some more. 

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